Yorkshire Diamond Products was established in 1988 and its aim is to supply and service circular diamond tipped saw blades, gang saw blades and diamond tooling to the stone, construction and engineering industries.
Yorkshire Diamond Products Limited services and supplies diamond circular saw blades from 100mm diameter up to 3500mm diameter, along with gang saw and mono saw blades up to 4480mm long. Yorkshire Diamond Products Limited also offers an on-site re-tipping and tensioning service.
Yorkshire Diamond Products Limited is a family run company and is run by David Hall, David's son Mark Hall, and Mark's wife Sarah Hall, between us we have over 70 years experience in the diamond tooling industry.

David Hall

David helped set the company up in 1988.  David previously served his apprenticeship in the manufacturing of circular saw blades before becoming involved in the diamond saw industries in the early 1980's and has gained a wealth of experience in this field.

Mark Hall

Mark has been with Yorkshire Diamond Products Limited since it was established and has trained to be a fully skilled Saw Doctor and has also gained a great amount of experience in this field, Mark recently became Managing Director of Yorkshire Diamond Products Limited taking over the role from David Hall.

Sarah Hall

Sarah joined Yorkshire Diamond Products Limited over 14 years ago and originally came to work in the office, but not only has Sarah gained her Management degree and gained plenty of qualifications in office work but Sarah also works on the factory floor tipping and repairing the diamond saw blades. Sarah's knowledge of the stone industry has increased each year and has become an established member of Yorkshire Diamond Products Limited and has recently taken over the position of Company Secretary.