The services we provide are the re-tipping of Diamond Saw-Blades up to 3500mm, we can re-tip Diamond Saw- Blades for cutting various range of stone from Sandstone, Limestone to Marble/Granite and the Abrasive to the very Abrasive Stone.

We also provide a tensioning service which is paramount to the quality of the cut of the blade if the blade is not tensioned properly it will not fit on the machine properly therefore the cut in the stone wont be even and straight. We provide these service either on-site or we fetch them into our work-shop where we provide a full re-tip and tensioning service of the best quality.

If there is a breakdown or urgent repair needed to a Diamond Saw-Blade we will either get the blade fetched in to our workshop ASAP or we will go out on-site and repair and service it there and then.