Diamond Circular Saw Blades

Yorkshire Diamond Products Limited supply new and used Diamond Circular Sawblades ranging from 103mm diameter to 3500mm diameter for cutting Limestone, Sandstone, Grit Stone, Granite, Marble, Concrete and Asphalt and many more.

Diamond Sawblades have diamond fixed onto the edges (segments) for cutting abrasive materials. There are many types of Diamond Sawblades and they all have many uses, including cutting asphalt, concrete, brick, limestone, sandstone, granite and marble and all other types of abrasive rock and stone.

Diamond Circular Sawblades are the most widely used type of Diamond Sawblade.

A Diamond Sawblade grinds through the chosen material using the segments that are brazed onto the edges which contain Diamond crystals embedded throughout for grinding through very hard materials. The bond of the segment controls the rate at which the segment wears down allowing the Diamond to expose itself at the surface of the segment and to continue grinding with a sharp edge.

Hard materials need to be cut with a softer bond to allow continuous diamond exposure. The softer materials need a harder segment to resist the increased wear that softer abrasive materials create.

Wet or Dry Cut Diamond Sawblades

Diamond Sawblades are designed to cut Wet or Dry. Diamond Sawblades work better when wet, a dry cut should be limited to situations where water is unobtainable or should not be used due to safety ie electrical equipment.
Water prevents the Diamond Sawblade from overheating, reduces harmful dust and removes slurry from the cut therefore extending the life of the Diamond Sawblade.